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Catawampus: The Story

Catawampus, a renowned cover band from the Hudson Valley in New York, plays rock, blues, r&b and funk from all decades.  The band is composed of Richard McKay  guitar / vocals, Chris Jensen  bass / vocals, Mike Welti guitar / vocals and Johnny Muff drums / vocals.   Four accomplished musicians blending their talents into a unique new band.

We Made You a Mix Tape

Catawampus curates their set lists the way you'd put together a mix tape for your teenage crush back in the day.  These are the songs we love and want to share with our audience.  The band performs at local festivals, community events, breweries, bars, restaurants and private events.  Anywhere people want to hear great music and have fun.

Upcoming Events

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Get In Touch

Interested in learning more about Catawampus?  

Do You want to discuss an upcoming event?

Contact Richard McKay at

catawampus_band on IG

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